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Some live sites and demos

    This is a growing and changing list of some of the work I can provide for you.

The Order Guys

Dress Code


Vons Steak House

New Everest Restaurant

Crystal Glass

Nurse Next Door Edmonton

Contact Instruments

Soul 2 Sole Massage

Porch Pirate Chest


A & J Driving School

New Image Cosmetic

Go Auto

Rice Bowl Deluxe

Tempura Queen

Sumo Sumo Sushi

Diamonds Consulting

Prego Italia

Dash Intel

Simple Barber

Food Invite

Dress Code Africa

Nail Salon


Barber Booking App

Barber Finder

Neverland Tea

Dept 9 Studios

No Handle Doors

The Flying Wedge Pizza

Northlink Supply

Khrome Beauty Lounge

Jesus VR

Amazing Wok

Smilies Village

Bell Island Pizza

Morinville Pizza

Pizza Paradise and Donair

City Pizza

Market Buzz

Zuhur Edmonton

Working with Wordpress

Helping you get set up starting at $50

If you are looking for a WordPress site that you want to manage yourself overtime, such as a blog site or small business site than I can help you get through the initial hurdles

  • Domain name purchase (domain price not included)
  • Help you find and install a WordPress theme that you like (additional theme costs not included)
  • Hostings set up, to make site live

This does not include building and managing your WordPress site once it is live. It only includes the initial setup of domain name, hostings and WordPress theme. This option also does not include hosting.

I recommend this option if you need help with a WordPress site, would like to manage your own content and are low on budget to hire a developer

Custom Build Gatsby or React site

Very affordable custom built sites with developer support

If you are looking to hire a developer to build your next site, whether that is your custom blog site, a local business website or a ecommerce site than please visit my pricing page, and view all the advantages of doing so right here

Need Web Support?

Offering some support for exisiting websites

Depending on the website, ie. how it is made, I may be able to help with support of the site, including landing page add ons, bug fixes, or adding images, content or functionality. I support websites made with

  • Gatsby
  • WordPress
  • React

Contact Me

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