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Using Zapier Hooks to send Facebook Lead forms to an email

Jan 13th, 2020

Alex Quasar

fb lead formszapierautomation


If your goal is lead generation in the form of emails or phone numbers and your spending money on FB I would sure hope you are using FB Lead Forms as a tool to get high quality low cost leads for your business. If not, go set up some FB Lead Forms and come back.

For those using FB Lead forms, you probably are aware of how it can be extremely painful, time consuming to manually download leads to a csv file and then email off to the right people to follow up with. This is something that should be automated so that your team can easily follow up with the leads as soon as they come in, in real time. Luckily Zapier's platform allows for easier integration with FB Lead Forms so that you automatically get an email for any lead that comes in. You can also easily integrate this with messenger or your CRM system...the possibilities are endless.

Creating Your First Zap

After signing up you can create your first Zap. You will need to create a Facebook Lead Ads Zap

[object Object]

Go through the steps of choosing your FB Account and Page where you have set up your FB Lead form.

You will then need to select the form that your ad is in. When that is done select Test & Continue

Choose an App & Event

In Zapier, there is a ton of choices for the events we can do once the FB Lead Form is received. We have gmail, Webhooks, Sales Force and Mail Chimp integration to name a few.

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In this case we will simple pick gmail, since we want to alert ourselves of a lead on FB.

Will set the action to send email. Enter your business account email and the other email addresses you want to forward this lead of to if needed.

For the subject we can simply call it a new Lead.

In the body we can insert the details of the lead from the fb lead form like the name, email and phone number.

Next, hit continue, send some test data and turn on your newly created Zap!