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Tools and Technologies used in 2019

Jun 24th, 2019

Alex Quasar

web developmentgeneralopinion

Basics Tools [Beginner]

Text Editor: VS Code Web Browser: Chrome Terminal: Integrated VS Code Terminal, Git Bash. Version Control: Git/Github Design and Mock up: Adobe XD ( optional )

Basic Knowledge [Beginner]

HTML 5 CSS3, Flexbox, CSS Grids CSS variables Media Queries Mobile First? Bootstrap Basics

Deployment [Beginner]

Domain Names: GoDaddy, NameCheap Hosting: bluehost, hostgator, ecowebhostings.

Vanilla Javascript [Beginner]

Basic JavaScript concepts ( data types, methods, arrays, objects) JavaScript Events (mouse clicks, form submissions, mouse hover) Basic DOM manipulation Loops,functions,conditionals, strings, operators JSON

Better Design [Intermediate]

SASS/SCSS Media Queries Mixins, Functions, Variables, Nesting,Inheritance Advanced Styling using rem or vh and vw instead of px Animations, Transitions

More JavaScript [Intermediate]

Prep for libraries like React and Frameworks like Angular/Vue

ES6 and later ( async/await, arrow functions, destructuring, promises) Fetch APIs.

Git and Tools [Intermediate]

Installing packages: npm, yarn version control: git module bundling: Webpack, Parcel Editor Extensions: ESLint, Prettier, LiveServer, Autocomplete, Javascript (ES6) Code Snippets

Front-End Frameworks [Intermediate]

React (most popular) Vue (growing in popularity) Angular (enterprise level. Popularity slightly fading)

State Managers

For React: Redux For GraphQL: Apollo

Backend (Server Side Languages)

NodeJs (javascript on the server) Python (data science focused) PHP ( powers WordPress ) C#

Backend Frameworks

For NodeJs: Express, Adonis For Python: Django, Flask For PHP: Laravel For C#: ASP.NET


No SQL Databases: MongoDb Relational Databases: MS SQL, Postgres, MySQL Cloud: Firebase, AWS, Azure

Server Rendered Pages:

Front end frameworks rendered can make things easier and development faster

For React: Next.js For Vue: Nuxt.js


Content management systems. Great for freelancers. Give clients ability to create and manage their content. Wordpress is great for most freelance projects which require clients to manage their site content.

For JS: Ghost, Keystone, Contentful, apostrophe, For PHP: Wordpress, Drupal

Deployment and Testing

Deployment: Github, Heroku, Netlify, Digital Ocean Testing: Unit Testing.

Mobile Development

React Native,NativeScript,Ionic,Flutter

Desktop Apps


Future of APIs

GraphQL, Apollo

Future FrameWorks:



A superset of JS with static typing.

Serverless Architecture

Netlify, Firebase and AWS.

AI and Machine Learning

Python, Tensorflow.js, Brain.js

Blockchain Tech

Coinbase API, Solidity, Mist


Gives users a native app experience.

Web Assembly