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Custom web development, digital marketing and SEO in Edmonton, Alberta.
Google Ad CertifiedShopify Parnter

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Hello I'm Alex

I'm freelance web developer and ads consultant in Edmonton, Alberta. I specialize in providing online solutions to Realtors and Ecommerce sites.

I have worked with companies large & small, digital agencies and clients to provide them affordable, reliable and high quality online solutions for their business needs

Worked For

Companies I have worked for in full-time salaried positions:

Finning CanadaMindableGo Auto


Services Provided:

Web Development
Digital Marketing
Lead Generation
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Full Stack Development


Working with the following techonlogies, services and libraries to provide the best results for clients and future customers.

Adobe Creative CloudAlgoliaContentfulCrisp ChatEnvatoExpressJSGatsbyMapBoxMongo DBNetlifyReactSnipCartShopifyZapier

Web Porfolio

Select Samples

  • Zeitlify
  • Realtor YEG
  • RippleJS Themes
  • FullStack React
  • Fast Fashion Ecommerce
  • Diamonds Consulting
  • Gatsby and Shopify
  • Dash Intel
  • Simple Barber
  • Food Invite
  • Dress Code Africa
  • Rental YEG
  • Barber Booking App
  • Barber Finder
  • Blazingly FastModernSEO OptimizedCompletely Customized

    Professional web development at fraction of the cost.

    Will price match any local web development or design agency

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